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Work / Life Balance (Living, working, and playing at home)

The business impacts of the global pandemic are also highly personal. The unplanned shift to work from home resulted in parents and and children living, working and playing in the same environment. While this situation is uncommon for today's families, it was the norm prior to the industrial revolution. Work time, play time and family time were interwoven.

We certainly are not recommending a return to pre-industrial living, but there are lessons to learn. The new normal will include more integration of work and home. For many, that has resulted in longer work hours and more stress.

Equipping employees with children to thrive is part of a successful strategy:

  • Tools to help employees create routines with their kids

  • Implementation of asynchronous collaboration to equip teams working on different schedules

  • Guidance on ways to engage children at various stages of development

  • Coaching on work / life balance
    Questions we help you answer:
    • How can my organization encourage and support employees at home with children?
    • How can I reduce the burden on employees working from home?
    • What strategies can help balance productivity with personal thriving of my staff?
    • Improve employee engagement and satisfaction
    • Increase productivity of the workforce
    • Increase employee retention and loyalty
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