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Remote Work Optimization

Even before the current pandemic, remote working was accelerating in the U.S. And while many companies are feeling their way through this forced experiment, the general consensus is that more companies will be adopting remote working approaches than ever before.

Unfortunately, remote working isn't working for all companies. According to The Atlantic, "That's because we spent the last 120 years learning how people can be productive in an office."

If companies want to get the most productivity out of their people, as they work individually, and within and across teams, companies must realize that remote work is different.

We help you:

  • Match the different types of work with the best means of accomplishing those tasks

  • Define which tasks are suited for asynchronous collaboration vs. synchronous collaboration

  • Create a framework of standard process and tools for effective team collaboration

  • Equip managers with a cadence of team and individual interaction for alignment, accountability, and skill development
Questions we help you answer:
  • How should our workers structure their days? Their weeks?
  • How do we inspect what we expect if we aren't in the office together?
  • How do we recreate the missing "water cooler and happy hour" benefits?
  • What tools should be used for what types of work? (e.g., when is a Zoom call most effective vs. ineffective?)
  • How do we effectively lead and manage when our team is remote?
  • Increase individual and team productivity
  • Improve team engagement and morale
  • Improve team collaboration and innovation
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