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Performance-Driven Culture

Creating a strategy for performance is not a matter of planning the future based on the past. It is an active, future-focused effort of achieving alignment between the functions and factors that drive performance:

  • The end the business is trying to achieve (objectives)
  • The right leadership and structure in place to pursue the specific end
  • And the right people equipped with the right processes and tools to execute change
  • At the center of it all is the environment that enlivens every endeavor

Out of this alignment, you can define leading indicators and activity measurement to provide insight into performance and make adjustments to impact outcomes. The right dashboards are needed for the right function:

  • Management-level dashboards - business visibility to help decision making
  • Knowledge worker-level - activity-based indicators to know where improvements are needed

Without alignment, such measurement is just monitoring. Alignment frees everyone to perform to best focusing on the right things at the right times with the right output.
    Questions we help you answer:
    • What is my company missing through a piece-meal approach to performance that differs between departments and leaders?
    • Why have I been avoiding the work of alignment at the cost of developing a performance culture?
    • Can I drive a performance culture while my staff is working remotely?
    • How can a performance culture help us improve outcomes in the midst of an economic downturn?
    • Gain alignment on what matters most to the business
    • Maximize the unique abilities of your people by putting the right people in the right roles
    • More consistently achieve objectives because everyone understands how results are measured
    • Improve employee satisfaction and motivation
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