CMOs — Senior Marketing Leaders

Marketing Strategy and Process

Marketing (done right) motivates—creating action within your target market. Ideally, that action helps achieve the end you are pursuing. But, random marketing in hopes of "just making something happen" seldom achieves the desired effect.
We help you create a marketing strategy that maximizes your resources to reach your target audience and create action:

  • Situation analysis
  • Brand positioning
  • Target market identification (sizing, needs)
  • Competitive assessment
  • Goals and tactics
  • Product and pricing
  • Distribution plans
  • Content marketing strategy
    Questions we help you answer:
    • With buying behaviors evolving, how can I create a marketing strategy that can adapt to change?
    • How can we stand out from the competition in ways that matter to decision makers?
    • What channels can we use to reach our customer without breaking the bank?
    • With so much noise, what can we do to get the attention of our target?
    • How can we market with meaning?
    • Reduce the risk of money and time wasted due to disjointed marketing efforts
    • Create the "what" that integrates "how" to grow the brand
    • Increase the reach of your brand
    • Identify your unique place in the market
    • Improve your likelihood of market success
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