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Executive Team Effectiveness

Each member of the executive team is responsible not only for executing the company's strategies, but also in fostering the culture of the company, driving employee engagement and team effectiveness. And while executives are added to the team based on their experience and proven track record, a common issue we see is misalignment and duplication of effort due to poor cross-functional collaboration, resulting in frustrated employees and customers, and ultimately, poor performance.

We work with executive teams to tailor our Executive Team Effectiveness (ETE) framework for your organization, ensuring that your executives are:

  • Leveraging a consistent framework for strategy execution, ensuring the breakdown of annual goals down into quarterly and monthly measurable objectives.

  • Collaborating effectively with the other executives, working together to maintain an enterprise-wide view and preventing silos.

  • Enabling a team culture of purpose and continuous improvement.
Questions we help you answer:
  • How should you measure the effectiveness of your leadership team?
  • What types of interactions and at what cadence should the executive team have?
  • What processes are needed to encourage effective problem-solving and decision-making?
  • What processes and frameworks can be leveraged to facilitate better cross-functional collaboration and driving enterprise-wide alignment?
  • How can an executive impact culture and drive innovation within their function?
  • Improve executive team effectiveness
  • Increase the productivity of the workforce
  • Increase employee retention and loyalty
  • Embed your values and culture throughout the enterprise
  • Increase business performance (and revenue!)
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